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Due to ongoing staffing shortages, WCCE runs 7 and 10 will be combined in the morning (6:28 am & 6:30 am) and runs 21 and 23 will be combined in the afternoon (4:05 pm & 4:26 pm) beginning Thursday 9/23 through Friday 10/29. 

The combined routes will service the medical center complex and downtown Milwaukee.  Riders can expect an increase of ride time by approximately 10-15 minutes, especially in the afternoon. 

The AM departure times from the three park and rides will be on Run 10 schedule: 6:30 am/6:43 am/6:51 am. The PM departure times from downtown will be on the Run 21 schedule: 4:05 pm.

Please see the attached memo for more information. For questions about ride times, please contact Wisconsin Coach Lines at 888-675-9223.

WCCE Combined Routes Memo 09.22.21.pdf

Posted by Joy Neilson  On Sep 22, 2021 at 1:59 PM