Anti-Crime Plan Referendum Results
Posted on 11/09/2022

Washington County Anti-Crime Plan Referendum Results

West Bend, WI – County Executive Josh Schoemann issued the following message to Washington County residents after the Anti-Crime Plan referendum was rejected by voters:

Dear Washington County Residents –

Several months ago, Sheriff Marty Schulteis and I presented the Washington County Anti-Crime Plan for a referendum. We felt the question belonged to the people of Washington County to answer, as “It’s your money. It’s your community.” We asked how you’d like us to proceed.

The voters decided against the referendum yesterday, but we still hold public safety as our highest priority. It is our hope that by proposing the referendum and holding community conversations, our residents were made aware of some of the rising crime trends we see around us and know that our county is not immune. 

More importantly, we’ve given notice to anyone coming to or through our community wishing to commit acts of crime or violence to “Stay Away – You are not welcome here!”  Our goal continues to be that criminals are arrested, charged to the full extent of the law and sentenced.

This process highlighted the need for additional deputies on the road. We will continue living within our means while we will work with the County Board to address aspects of public safety that incorporate mental health crisis assistance that was so successful in a pilot program of deputies and social workers earlier this year. You can count on your Sheriff’s Office to respond to your calls, investigate crimes, and take pride in their service. 

I thank everyone for getting out there and exercising their right to vote.