2021 County Board Redistricting

Phase 1: County Adopts a Tentative Supervisory District Plan - Complete

Established goals in the creation of the county's plan:

  • Districts that are substantially equal in population
  • Districts that are compact
  • Districts that provide proportional representation for City, Village and Town residents
  • Districts that follow municipal lines
  • Districts that minimize the number of ballot styles

On September 8 the Washington County Board of Supervisors adopted a tentative supervisory district plan.

Phase 2: Municipalities Adopt Ward Plans - In Progress

All municipalities with a population greater than 1000 people need to divide their community into wards.  Wards cannot cross a supervisory district line.  Wards also cannot cross alderperson/trustee district lines.

Wards do not need to be equal in population, but must fall within statutory defined ranges.  The range depends on the total population of the municipality.

  • If the total population is >1,000 and <10,000, then the ward size range is 300-1000.
  • If the total population is >10,000 and <39,000, then the ward size range is 600-2,100 

It is anticipated that all municipalities will adopt a ward plan by Oct 15, 2021.

Phase 3: County Adopts a Final Supervisory District Plan

Discrepancies between the tentative supervisory district plan and municipal ward plans are reconciled.

The county holds a public hearing - Date TBA

County adopts a final supervisory district plan.