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Responsible for the county's real property listing and associated assessment functions,the Real Property Lister Office supplies  parcel based land information to both land information professionals and to the general public.

It also reviews parcel mapping activities, acts as a repository for the County Surveyor files and operates as a liaison between the county and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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Property Assessments & Sales

  • Assessment Information
  • Property Sales
  • Residential Property Sales Finder
  • Pending Sheriff Sales
  • Who is My Assessor
  • Common Assessment Questions
  • Managed Forest Land Program

Parcel Mapping & Surveys

  • Geographic Information System
  • Property Surveys
  • Downloadable Parcel Maps
  • Historic Parcel Maps
  • Highway Registry Books
  • Scanned Highway Plans
  • Private Managed Forest Lands Open for Recreation
  • Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map


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