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Brownfields Site Redevelopment Program (SRP)

What is a brownfield? A brownfield is an underutilized, idled or abandoned property for which the expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant.

Use the link below to view the Current Success Stories ArcGIS StoryMap below and visualize the projects that are revitalizing these contaminated sites.

Current Success Stories (StoryMap)

The Washington County Site Redevelopment Program (SRP) continues to show success in spurring successful redevelopment projects, resulting in millions of dollars in leveraged funds. This program continues to provide our County and its communities with a wide range benefits including increased tax base, increased employment opportunities, assessment of hazardous and petroleum contaminated brownfield sites and reuse/redevelopment opportunity analysis.

This success is due in part to the collaborative nature of the program. Coalition Partners, which include the cities of Hartford and West Bend, the Villages of Germantown, Jackson, Kewaskum, Richfield, and Slinger and Washington County work together to share resources and direct US EPA funds where they are most needed. The SRP's Project Management Team (PMT), which includes experts in environmental remediation, economic development, and redevelopment/reuse planning, helps the Site Redevelopment Committee (SRC) prioritize projects and make judicious use of the funds. 

SRC EH Wolf Tour


Learn about the development of the SRP, funding sources, and the members of the SRC.


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Project Reports

Project documents and project status organized by local government.

Barton Elementary Redevelopment

Leading the Nation

Learn about the recognition that the Site Redevelopment Program has received.


Inventory Map


Site selection and site inventory of Brownfield sites in Washington County.

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In the News!

Recent success stories in the news, fact sheets, and announcements.


Niphos Coating Redevelopment

Community Impacts

Read about the community impacts of Brownfields including economic and health impacts.