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Over the last 30 years, housing costs have increased substantially, making it difficult for young professionals to purchase a first home.  Creating community driven neighborhoods with high quality homes built on low cost lots, will diversify the housing market within Washington County. The Next Generation Housing Initiative will fill the market void in our suburban/exurban communities, providing attainable quality housing opportunities throughout Washington County for our next generation workforce. One of the main goals for Next Generation Housing is to support investments in the housing stock and advance the quality of the neighborhoods in the County.

The Next Generation's Housing journey will look different than the preceding generation's. Community leaders, employers, and employees have long expressed concerns over the perceived housing inventory and attainability in Washington County.

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"I'm extremely excited that Washington County is moving forward on the Next Generation Housing Initiative. I believe it will help many achieve homeownership while still living within their means. We just want a small, new home with a small yard to call our own. We'd finally have our own space. Everyone deserves a chance to feel proud of owning their own home. I hope someday we'll be able to feel that sense of accomplishment! Thank you for creating this initiative as it could help pace the way for a new housing revolution that's been sorely needed in Wisconsin." - City of Hartford resident

Washington County Next Generation Housing Framework

The Community Development Department has been working diligently with the Next Generation Housing Committee, the County Executive Team, the Pilot Development Groups, and Ad Hoc Workgroups (including builders, bankers, realtors, developers, and attorneys) to design the foundational structure of Next Generation Housing and establish the Framework for implementation. The Framework details how Washington County and participating local governments will achieve the goal of providing housing opportunities for working individuals and families to grow their roots in the county and build equity through homeownership. 

Washington County Next Generation Housing Framework

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Learn about the development of the Initiative, and members of the NGHC.


Southern Housing Region Program

The HOME Consortium


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Pilot Developments

Information related to the Next Generation Housing Pilot Developments.

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