Map of Washington County With all the ParksPark and open space sites are established through simple fee ownership or through protective easements. 390 park and open space sites encompassing 28,327 acres had been established through fee simple ownership. Coupled with an additional 76 easements encompassing 3,382 acres, there were 466 park and open space sites encompassing 31,709 acres in Washington County.

County Owned

In 2019, Washington County owned 14 such sites, including six major7 parks encompassing 1,082 acres; six other park and outdoor recreation sites encompassing 143 acres; one other special outdoor recreation site and one mitigation site, not considered part of the County park system, encompassing 152 acres. In all, these 14 sites encompass 1,377 acres or less than 1 percent of the total area of the County.

State Owned

In 2017, there were 38 State-owned park and open space sites in Washington County, encompassing 13,311 acres, or about 5 percent of the total area of the County. Of these 38 sites:

  • 28 sites encompassing 12,829 acres were owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • 7 sites, encompassing 419 acres were owned by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • 3 sites, encompassing 63 acres, were owned by the University of Wisconsin

The major state Parks within Washington County are Pike Lake and Loew Lake both of these parks require the Wisconsin State Park Sticker for access. Pike Lake is located on State Highway 60 between Hartford and Slinger. Pike Lake has campsites, several hiking and biking trails, and hunting and fishing options. Loew Lake is located near the town of Monches, just north of the Washington/Waukesha county line. Loew Lake has several hiking and biking trails as well as hunting and fishing options.

Along with the parks there is also the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and several cross country skiing options.

Local and Public School Owned

There were 159 park and open space sites owned by local governments and public schools in Washington County in 2014. Those sites encompassed about 3,595 acres, or about 1 percent of the County. Local governments owned 126 of the park and open space sites and public schools owned 33 of the sites.