Watershed Protection Plans

Quaas CreekBelow are watershed protection and implementation plans within Washington County. 

Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan (2004)

The goal of the Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan is the preservation and enhancement of the quality and function of the natural resources of the Quaas Creek Watershed. This plan is designed to assist municipalities in developing strategies that will benefit Quaas Creek's natural assets and protect sensitive habitats within the watershed.

View the full plan here: Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan (pdf)

The Menomonee River Watershed Updated Implementation Plan (2021)

The Menomonee River Watershed is one of three watersheds that discharge into Lake Michigan via the Milwaukee River and Harbor Estuary. At 136 miles, it is the second most urbanized of the watersheds and, in some areas, is projected to experience a population growth of 30 to 35 percent by the year 2050 due to increased urban development and suburban sprawl. This plan lays out a comprehensive and strategic approach to watershed restoration.

View the full plan here: The Menomonee River Watershed Updated Implementation Plan (pdf) 

Milwaukee River Basin TMDL United States EPA Report (2018)

The Milwaukee River is comprised of the Menomonee River, Kinnickinnic River, and Milwaukee River watersheds, and the Milwaukee River Estuary. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) regulations and the Clean Water Act requires states to identify waterbodies that do not meet established water quality standards and to develop total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for those impaired waters. This report describes the overall TMDL development process and impairments, and provides water quality targets and management practices for regulating TMDL.

View the full plan here: Total Maximum Daily Loads for Total Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids, and Fecal Coliform Milwaukee River Basin, Wisconsin Final Report (pdf)

Cedar, Pigeon, Ulao, and Mole Creeks Watershed Restoration Plan (2020)

The Cedar, Pigeon, Ulao, Mole Creeks Plan covers each of the six contiguous HUC 12 sub-watersheds in the geographic center of the Milwaukee River Watershed. These sub-watersheds are on the state's impaired waters 303(d) list because they do not meet their designated uses. The Plan follows nine key elements recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for watershed restoration plans.

View the full plan here: Cedar, Pigeon, Ulao, and Mole Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (pdf)

Fredonia-Newburg Area Watershed-Based Plan Final Report (2019)

The Fredonia-Newburg Area Watersheds planning area encompasses three HUC 12 watersheds: Town of Fredonia-Milwaukee River, Milwaukee River North Branch, and the Village of Newburg-Milwaukee River. The mission of this plan is: The communities of the Fredonia-Newburg Area Watersheds are dedicated to the protection, preservation, and improvement of our area watersheds through planning, implementation, education and stewardship for shared health and wellbeing.

View the full plan here: Fredonia-Newburg Area Watershed-Based Restoration Plan Final Report (pdf)