Winter Activities

The Washington County Parks System Parks are open year round and have numerous winter activities. The main activities are sledding, snow shoeing, and snowmobiling. Please see details below. 




Glacier Hills County Park

Glacier Hills has a large sled hill with a parking lot at the base of the hill. The hill spans the prairie and is a fun winter activity.


 Homestead Hollow County Park

Homestead Hollow has a sledding hill located next to the soccer fields. The sled hill is lighted and designed for people of all ages.

Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing

Available throughout the parks is snowshoeing on all of the hiking trails. Sandy Knoll and Homestead Hollow both have flat trails perfect for cross country skiing. However, these trails are not groomed, but can still be traversed with caution. The State Parks System also has great trails for skiing.


There were approximately 12,000 snowmobiles registered in Washington County in 2014. Through a combined effort, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Washington County Association of Snowmobile Clubs, and 14 local snowmobile clubs, approximately 300 miles of snowmobile trails in Washington County are marked, managed, and maintained during winter months and are open to snowmobile travel when conditions permit.