Vendor Payments

The County makes vendor payments every other week on Thursdays.  The first payment in 2023 was January 11th.   We encourage vendors to sign-up for ACH to ensure a more secure and timely payment process.  



In conjunction with best practices and in response to ACH fraud schemes, Washington County, WI does not provide the ACH sign-up form online. Please email us to request one at [email protected]

FAQ - ACH Authorization and Payments (PDF)

The form authorizes Washington County to process your payment via ACH. Please complete all information requested on the form; the accuracy of the information provided is very important.  As a security measure, the County will require a voided check and/or an account information confirmation from your bank on bank letterhead.  

These instructions relate to the ACH process for Washington County vendors and cannot be used for Washington County Employees payroll direct deposit sign-up/changes.