Permits & Applications

Washington County administers and enforces ordinances within the unincorporated areas of Washington County.  For general zoning questions, please contact the local municipality.

Do I need a permit?

Before beginning any construction, including remodeling, reconstruction or any structural alterations, grading and landscaping, there may be a need to obtain a permit from Washington County as well as a permit from your local government.  Local governments may require the landowner or contractor to confirm with the County first before seeking a local building/grading permit.  The below Permit Triggers Checklist and Self Certification Instructions will guide you through the County’s regulations and if no county permit is needed you can present this information to your local permitting office if required.

Landowner/Contractor Self-Certification Form

Landowner/Contractor Self-Certification Instructions

Permit Applicability Map

If you determine that a county permit or approval is needed, by answering YES on the Self-Certification Form, review your project with County Staff and they will help guide you through the County permit process or click here to apply online, please note that at this time not all permit applications are available online.

If you have any questions or concerns that your project may need a County Permit it is best to ask County Staff before proceeding with your project. You can also send your questionnaire, map and any attachments to: [email protected] and staff will review your proposal and determine if permit(s) are indeed needed from the County. Thank You.

Want to Apply for a Permit?

Use our online permit application program to apply for Sanitary Permits and Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permits. For online instructions click here:  POWTS or ECSM

If you are not able to use our online permit application, click on the specific permit type below for application forms and details.

Plan several weeks prior to the proposed start of your project to secure your permits. When work takes place without permits, County and State laws usually hold the property owner responsible even if the work was done by a contractor. In some cases, the contractor may also be responsible.

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