District Attorney - Victim Witness

Justice Isn’t Served Until Crime Victims Are.

What We Are:

  • A source of information and support for victims of crime.
  • A mediator and advocate for victims of crime in the criminal justice system.
  • A part of the District Attorney’s Office Staff and located in the District Attorney’s Office.
  • An agency sensitive to the many and varied needs of victims and their families.

You Are Important To The System and You Have A Right To Know How It Works

If you are the victim of a crime, you may come in contact with the criminal justice system. As this process begins, you are entitled to certain rights under the Wisconsin statutes and Constitution which ensure that all victims and witnesses of crime are treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and sensitivity; and that the rights extended to victims and witnesses of crime are honored and protected by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and judges in a manner no less vigorous than the protections afforded criminal defendants. Learn more about statutory rights here. List of Wisconsin's Constitutional Rights for Crime Victims.

In the State of Wisconsin, the District Attorney and his assistants have the responsibility of issuing criminal charges. Victims do not have the power to drop or press charges.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program cannot give legal advice, give cash or replace stolen property. However, referral information for that kind of help is provided.

The District Attorney’s Office values your privacy rights and safety as a crime victim and will make every effort to treat your case with sensitivity. However, this should not be interpreted as absolute privacy and we think it’s important for you to be aware of these limitations. Please know if your case is charged, police reports and other materials that relate to this incident will have to be shared with the defendant and their attorney. Additionally, criminal proceedings are open to the public and will include filings that contain information about this incident. Finally, as part of the investigatory and prosecution process, information concerning this incident may be shared with assisting outside agencies and trial experts. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or safety, please contact us so we can discuss how we can best serve your interests.

To be notified with the most reliable information for a perpetrator’s custody status and criminal case information click on the Wisconsin VINE link below.

You are an important part of the system and have the right to know how it works. If at any time you are confused or have questions, feel free to contact our office.

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