Circuit Court Officials

The Wisconsin Trial Court system was reorganized on August 1, 1978.  Washington County is now one judicial circuit with four branches.  The presiding Judges are Ryan J. Hetzel, James K. Muehlbauer,  Michael S. Kenitz and Sandra J. Giernoth.

The Circuit Judges are elected by the people of the circuit and hold office for a term of six years.  No person shall be eligible to the office of Judge who shall not at the time of his/her election be a citizen of the United States, have attained the age of 25 years, and be a qualified elector within the jurisdiction for which he/she may be chosen.  No person may take or hold the office of the Circuit Judge unless he/she is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and has been so licensed for five years immediately prior to his/her election or appointment.  Circuit Judges may be assigned to any one of the branches.

The Judicial Court Commissioner is part of the judicial branch.  The FCC assists the judges, enters temporary Court Order(s) as to custody, support, etc. in family actions, orders mediation for custody and visitation disputes, presides over and issues decisions, orders and judgments in civil domestic abuse and harassment actions, motions to revise support, final hearings in stipulated divorces, initial appearances and pre-trials in paternity cases, juvenile plea hearings, mental commitment and protective placement probable cause hearings and handles other duties assigned by the Judges.


Circuit Court Judges and Court Officials

Circuit Court Judge Branch 1: Ryan J. Hetzel
Court Reporter Erin Roberts
Circuit Court Judge Branch 2: James K. Muehlbauer
Court Reporter Lisa Weninger
Circuit Court Judge Branch 3: Michael S. Kenitz
Court Reporter Brittany T. Verhasselt
Circuit Court Judge Branch 4: Sandra J. Giernoth
Court Reporter Lisa A. Balkowski
Circuit Court Commissioner Julie A. Maule
Supplemental Court Commissioners

William F. Alderson
Timothy J. Algiers
John A. Best
Brian M. Borkowicz
Christine Eisenmann Knudtson
David A. Nelson
Catherine J. Terry
Condemnation Commissioners:

John Isselman
Thomas Martin
Patricia Borchert Stroik
Franz (Bink) Steinbach
Jeffrey A. Schwitz
Attorney Carol J. Beverly
Michael E. Sterr
Peter Hoell
Marilyn H. Merten
Clerk of Circuit Court Sarah Adjemian
Register in Probate Sherry Coykendall
Clerk of Juvenile Court Lisa Milella