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Washington County's Heart & Homestead Earned Down Payment Incentive is provided to individuals 18 years and older who are constructing or purchasing an owner-occupied dwelling unit (home and land) under $420,000 located in Washington County, that serves as the recipient's primary residence. The incentive amounts will be 10% of the purchase price, or $20,000, whichever is less pre-paid at the time of closing to the Recipient. 

The Earned Down Payment Incentive is changing the lives of individuals and families by giving them the opportunity to own a home. 

Heart & Homestead rewards those willing to serve their community with an Incentive for the opportunity of home ownership. It is the investment in the Incentive Recipients that not only makes property ownership more attainable, it signals to existing residents and local organizations that new buyers will be active members of the community, invested in enriching the quality of life of Washington County. At the core of Heart & Homestead is creating the opportunity for making homeownership more attainable and building strong social networks that are filled with people who are invested in the community.

"We first moved to Jackson in 2016 and began renting a small house in a wonderful neighborhood. With a close commute to Milwaukee and excellent schools for our children, we hoped that this would be our last move and we would finally be able to put down roots and raise our family in Washington County.

We quickly outgrew our rental house and needed to find a bigger home. When our neighbor’s house across the street went up for sale, we knew it was the perfect opportunity but that we had to move fast with the competitive market. Working with our lender, we found out about the Heart & Homestead program that was soon to be launching. We reached out to Washington County and they felt our situation was the perfect opportunity to test their application and award process before launching it to the public. Within weeks, we became the first homebuyer to be awarded a Heart & Homestead Earned Down Payment Incentive.

We’re deeply grateful to finally be homeowners, planted, with roots growing deeper every day. The Heart & Homestead Earned Down Payment Incentive made it possible. We are so thankful to Washington County and EDWC for enabling us to achieve the American Dream in this wonderful community."

- Andrew: Heart & Homestead First Recipient 

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