Developers & Contractors

How do I know if I need a permit? Excavator on job site

Before beginning any construction, including remodeling, reconstruction or any structural alterations, grading and landscaping, please review the following information regarding what permits may be necessary for your project.

1.  The first step in determining if your construction project lies within or outside of the County's regulated Shoreland-Wetland, Floodplain Zone and helps you determine what permits may be needed for your project.

2. Review the Summary of Shoreland, Wetland, Floodplain Permit Requirements before you proceed with the application process.

3. Link to GIS Interactive Map.  On the mapping site search for your property.  Turn on the layer named:  "Shoreland Zoning". If your project lies within the red outlined shoreland, wetland, floodplain area you will need to obtain a Shoreland Zoning Permit.  If your project lies outside of the red outlined layer named "Shoreland Zoning" area you will need to obtain an approved Permit Application Review Form (found below) before your municipality will issue a building permit for your project.

The following form is applicable only if your project lies outside of the shoreland/wetland zoning area:

Please plan several weeks prior to the proposed start of your project to secure your permits.  When work takes place without permits, County and State laws usually hold the property owner responsible even if the work was done by a contractor.  In some cases, the contractor may also be responsible.