Richfield Bomb Scare
Posted on 06/21/2023
Date: June 21, 2023
Case: Arrest in Village of Richfield Bomb Scare 23-20113
Authority: Lieutenant of Detectives Tim Kemps

Washington County Sheriff’s investigators have made an arrest in connection to a bomb threat that was called into Quest Engineering Inc. in the Village of Richfield on May 31st. Dmarion Hatten Nash, a nineteen-a-year-old City of Milwaukee man and former employee at Quest Engineering is alleged to have called in two separate bomb threats on May 31st to his former employer. The caller reported that there was a bomb in the building, and they had one hour to evacuate, or the bomb would be detonated. Nash was arrested on Monday afternoon with the assistance of the Menomonee Falls Police Department. He allegedly resisted officers’ attempt to take him into custody and now faces resisting arrest and criminal damage to property charges in Waukesha County as well.

Washington County investigators were able to quickly identify the suspect in the bomb threats with the assistance of Quest Engineering and their technology support contractor. Nash had been released as an employee the day before the threats. He is now charged with a felonies for terroristic and bomb threats in Washington County.

“Although the likelihood of these types of threats being real is minimal, public safety officials need to respond as if the community is in legitimate, potential danger because the safety of our community is paramount", according to Washington County Sheriff Martin Schulteis. These threats result in significant strain on private and public sector resources. Quest Engineering estimates their losses at around $42,000 dollars in lost wages and productivity from the company being shut down for several hours during the investigation. Six different fire departments responded to the scene to assist along with several public safety agencies and a private bus company to assist with evacuation efforts. We appreciate the efforts of all of our partners who helped make this a well-coordinated and efficient response.