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Stormwater Ponds – Guidelines for Maintenance

Infiltration Basins – Guidelines for Maintenance

Bioretention Basins – Guidelines for Maintenance

Stormwater Awareness Information Session for Landowners Video

Stormwater Facility Maintenance Day – April 22nd  


Landowner Resources for Neighborhood Stormwater Facility Maintenance

Washington County hosted two in-person and one virtual informational session to talk to landowners about stormwater runoff and practices in their neighborhoods that capture stormwater runoff. Confused? Click on the recorded video above to watch the informational session!

Stormwater runoff is rainwater that does not infiltrate/soak into the ground. It is rainwater that flows over grass, bare ground, driveways, roads, roofs, through gutters before flowing into storm drains or the nearest waterway. Since stormwater runoff flows over multiple surfaces before it gets to a storm drain or waterway, it can pick up excess pollutants such as dirt, grease, and trash before entering a storm drain or waterway. Storm drains deliver large volumes of water to streams much faster than would occur naturally, resulting in flooding and bank erosion. Stream inhabitants such as fish, salamanders, or mussels are stressed, displaced, or killed by the warm, fast moving water and the sediment or pollutants it brings with it.

Stormwater practices such as stormwater retention ponds and infiltration basins collect stormwater runoff and capture sediment and other pollutants carried by stormwater runoff. These practices act as a filter, and cleaner water is then slowly discharged to a waterway. Stormwater practices are a key piece in keeping Washington Counties waterway’s clean and healthy as they intercept potentially harmful stormwater runoff from directly flowing into a nearby waterway.

If you have a stormwater practice in your neighborhood, click on the above “Guidelines for Maintenance” links to see how you can help keep your stormwater practice functioning and doing its job to keep our waters clean!

Earth Day

Image Credit:  Saint Francis University

Stormwater Facility Maintenance Day – April 22nd

Washington County is encouraging landowners to complete annual maintenance of their neighborhood stormwater ponds and basins on Earth Day, April 22nd. Staff will be on-call if you have any questions or want us to visit your stormwater practice.

uGet together with neighbors in the morning or afternoon to do some maintenance on your stormwater pond or basin

  • Remember safety; watch the informational session for some safety tips

uCounty Staff will be around that day to answer questions

uPro-active maintenance will reduce costs in the long run

uShare photos via facebook event or email

uReport any issues or larger maintenance needs to the County