Washington County road construction is prioritized on the basis of need and roads are built with federal aid if possible with contracts let to the lowest bidder. The Department's long-range road improvement plans are detailed in its 2050 Transportation Network Sustainability Plan. All County and State projects displayed are subject to change.



CTH W Reconstruction

Washington County is planning to reconstruct a 2.9-mile section of CTH W from State Highway 33 to State Highway 175. The project will improve the poor condition of the existing roadway pavement and substandard roadway width. Turn lanes at intersections and upgrades to the vertical curves are being evaluated to improve safety for the traveling public. Construction is currently scheduled for 2021.

Press Release and Detour Map (3/3/21)
Final ROW Plat
CTH W Final Design Plan
CTH W Profile
CTH W Rural Plan
CTH W Urban Plan


Goldendale Rd (formerly CTH Y) and Freistadt Rd Intersection

The proposed project consists of reconstructing the intersection of Goldendale Rd (formerly CTH Y) and Freistadt Road in the Village of Germantown in 2021. The primary purpose of the project is to address the substandard truck turning movements at the intersection.

The improvements include replacement of the existing pavement structure, curb and gutter, increased pavement width to accommodate truck movements, and the installation of storm sewer structures on the west leg. The proposed roadway typical section will consist of two 12-foot travel lanes and two 6-foot paved shoulders (including curb and gutter pan). Curb and gutter will be constructed around the intersection radii and approaches.

PIM Handout
Intersection Improvement Plan (10-2-20)
Intersection Profile (10-2-20)



CTH M Reconstruction

Washington County is planning the roadway reconstruction of a 1.5-mile section of CTH M (Wasaukee Rd), from the intersection of Freistadt Rd (CTH F) northerly 1.5 miles and 1 mile of CTH M (Pioneer Road) from Country Aire Drive easterly to Wasaukee Rd. The project is located in the Village of Germantown, Town of Jackson and City of Mequon.

The project will improve the poor condition of the existing roadway pavement with upgrades to the vertical curves, roadway cross section (paved shoulders), and improvements to the Highland Road and CTH F intersections, all of which will improve safety for the travelling public. The project is currently scheduled for construction starting in spring of 2022. No assessments will be levied for this project.

PIM #1 GRAEF Presentation
60% Plans (2/15/21)
PIM #1 East-West (Pioneer Rd) Corridor Plan
PIM #1 North-South (Wasaukee Rd) Corridor Plan


Potential Future Projects

CTH W Extension and Intersection Improvements

Washington County is considering improvements to the intersections of CTH S and STH 83, CTH S and STH 175, STH 83 and STH 175, as well as the construction of an approximate 0.55-mile extension of County Trunk Highway (CTH) W, from State Trunk Highway (STH) 175 to STH 83 in the Town of Addison. The project would create a more effective and efficient roadway system and improve the poor operating conditions of the existing intersections. Construction would occur in 2022 or 2023.

A public informational meeting was held in the Town of Addison on March 16, 2021.

PIM Presentation
PIM Overall Map
PIM Public Notice and Comment Form


WisDOT Construction Projects In Washington County

For updates and information regarding WisDOT construction projects in Washington County and southeastern Wisconsin, please visit:
http://projects.511wi.gov/region/southeast/ or call 511.